Security apparatus that does not have the confidence of the people can never be effective – Kachi Nwoga

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Security apparatus that does not have the confidence of the people can never be effective – Kachi Nwoga

The 2023 Imo Gubernatorial Candidate for the Action Democratic Party ADP , Dr Kachi Nwoga in a special interview session with Arise News TV has categorically fronted out that a clear state of home grown security is a formidable panacea to the rising insecurity situation in Imo State.

In his opinion during the interview he attests to the fact that there is the uproar on the increasing state of insecurity generally in the South East Nigeria due to the “sit at home ” order that has become an overwhelming nightmare in the South East region.

In his adoption to this, he believes the past measures and current apparatus in checkmating this ugly social menace that has hindered economic prospects and growth both for the state and the region is an effort of insensitivity and alien in dealing with the issue organically.

In his words ” first of all ,what do Imo people need at this time ? What do they need ? That’s why am out here , what the people need , first thing they need is security, I don’t want to begin by saying what has been done ,what are the different things that is been claimed to be done however you look at it the results have been incorrect they’re not good , the people don’t have security , what am I going to do differently?

We have a local problem which is a south east issue but have you asked yourself why Imo is the worst hit than other south east states , its means something else is happening there.

The point is that everybody in this country at some points agree that security has to be broken down to local levels , unfortunately it appears that with the security threats all the insecurity is been on an upsurge again , today we have the central security system taking their operations from the Centre to the hinterlands and the people don’t know them , the people have not accepted them , they seem not to be working with the people.

Any security apparatus that do not have the confidence of the people will never ever be effective”.

Dr Kachi further pointed out that if he is given an opportunity to serve the Imo people as the governor of the state on the platform of the ADP , he will approach the security challenges in the state organically ie the home grown approach which he said ,

“Go back to home grown security which has offered results in some time past , I tell you that there is no village in Imo that doesn’t understand their security problems and the people do not know who their friends and enemies security wise are , when the people have a say in their own security using their home grown networks everything will begin to change, the information they require to work will happen , so this is the first big issue ,

You officialize these security networks , give them the necessary training, give them the necessary apparatus , and coordinate them properly and Imo can be secured and secured the way it should be.

Imo is a naturally peaceful place but we see today the reverse is the case.”

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